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This poem is standing at the edge of common sense.

Poem: At the edge of common sense

There are no trees

Not even sand dunes

Just barren land

Destroyed by warmongers

Life is a trickle of cockroaches

A few broken ribs that lie burried in the ground

No one knows what it means

To be outside the modern world

To be lost in a desolate and empty land

To be without the comfort of companionship

To be without the warmth of humanity

It is a sad sad place

To be at the edge of common sense

There are no relationships or common interests

Just the intense feeling of loss and darkness

It is not a place for peace or happiness

It is a forbidden place, inhabited by lost souls

This is just a glimpse of the forbidden world

But human beings will always try to extend their reach

To open the veil of the abyss of the unknown

And enter the ghoulish realm of evil

It is not enough to wield power or to have material wealth

Strive to have true knowledge

That will open your eyes

And make you see the unthinkable

Beyond our human thought capacity

Lies other realms that are beyond our comprehension

There is only weeping and ghanishing of teeth

©Kenneth Maswabi

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