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This poem gives you an out of body experience.

Poem: At the summit of existence


There is only one sky

The sky of eternity

Neither warm nor cold

Its colour is neither joy nor sorrow

Its beauty is unfolded from beginning to end

It’s a place of pure consciousness

Nothingness is the only expression

Love is the state of being

At the summit of existence

The substance of existence and non-existence are merged

Silence is the melody for both the sane and insane

The puffy face of reality is deflated

And the colour of Love is injected

To produce the face of everlasting Love

At the summit of existence

All thoughts are folded

Into a perfect fibre of awareness

All emotions are distilled

To produce the tranquillity of heaven

It’s the ecstasy of being

That dresses all beings


©Kenneth Maswabi



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