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This poem is body, mind and spirit.

Poem: Atoms and Molecules


In the labyrinth of life

We are taught the principles of physics

And dissect the fundamentals of life

Inside the laboratory of learning

Atoms and molecules are said to be our foundation

We are dressed with physicality

Everything we do

We are told that we made of atoms and molecules

We should obey the laws of physics

And everything will be fine

Now we face a different reality in life

We are far away from the subatomic world

We are submerged in needs

Biopsychosocial needs

Spiritual needs

We are battling with fear, pain and hopelessness

We are starving and deprived of love

We are totally outside the shallow grave of science

We hang our hope on nothingness

And pour our faith on the pillar of the spirit

We are forever looking for love

Unlike the atoms and molecules

We are spiritual beings

Holding the fibre of life

That fills our body, mind and soul

With gigantic waves

Sometimes with silence

We are surely looking for something

It’s not the fabric of the physical world

It’s deep within the realm of the spirit

It’s within our hearts

It’s our path

Our home

Our true selves

We are looking for our God

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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