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This poem is not a magical spell.

Poem: Awakening the spirit in you


This is not a manual of anatomy

Or a dissection of the toughest ligament

This is an ardent pledge of unconditional Love

I am holding this candle of light today

Hoping that you will open your heart

To the most beautiful lesson

It is not a cartridge of words

That will awaken your spirit

It is not even an enchantment

Or a chalice of magical spells

That will unlock the way

The key to awakening the spirit

Is found deep within you

It is only the unbuttoned heart

That will allow the light through

The spirit is the key, the door and the way

Let it stir and turn

Let it feel the warmth

Let it listen to the delight of poetry

Let it be amused by the sacred words

Let it hold the breath of life

Let it taste freedom

Then you will see

The miracle will happen

Death and life will meet

And the everlasting life will be revealed

This is the awakening of the spirit

To hold the breath of the everlasting life

To be a dreamer inside the dream

To be enchanted inside the cubicle of being


©Kenneth Maswabi


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