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This poem will lift the curtain of blindness and submerge you into the eternal awareness.

Poem: Awareness is a closed circuit loop or system


The ultimate awareness is unconditional Love

It is not the physical outcome that satiate the spirit

It is the totality of all possible outcomes that illuminate the spirit

The strong positive charge of Love will ultimately come back to you

We reap what we sow

Unconditional Love is a self-driving system

The mechanism of its automation are not mechanical or electrochemical

The substrate of being is the field of possibilities

In its true composition, it is a substance of awareness

Capable of conforming and adapting to all sorts of mysterious inputs

The substance of being is the only reality generating entity

That when properly harnessed, gives off the fruits (light) of the spirit

Peace, gentleness, humility, freedom, hope, faith, love…etc

These are the positive charges in the circuit of awareness

Do not follow the flow of uncertainty (time and space)

And hold onto material possessions, achievements and identities

Submerge yourself in the ocean of eternal awareness

This is not a lesson of science, it is consciousness or spiritual enlightenment

Drink from the river of life and be filled with the spirit of God


©Kenneth Maswabi



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