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This poem is an apology on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Poem: Basket of deplorables


Hillary Clinton said it

And she was scotched

On red hot flames

She was scorned

Attacked for the truth

That she could not hide

She warned us on September 9th, 2016

And we buried her

With our venomous tongues

We scolded her for her foulness

Now that we have seen

“The basket of deplorables”

In action on Capitol Hill

With our own eyes

Brutalizing the seat of democracy

Vandalizing the pedestal of hope

Desecrating the house of Congress

We take this time

To apologize

To Hillary

For her bravery

And courage

She stood alone

On the podium of the truth

She was the solo voice

That banged on the door of reason

But she was dismissed

She was rejected


She apologized

For upholding the truth




Kenneth Maswabi







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