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This poem looks at the uncertain path of uncertainty.

Poem: Be the arrow on the path of life


The trajectory of life remains uncertain

Not because of the cloud of uncertainty before us

But because of the loss of certainty within our hearts

We have enveloped ourselves with fear and anxiety

Disrobing our mind, body and soul of all the light

We have embarked on a journey of self-preservation

And abandoned the journey of hope

We have strayed away from the path of certainty

Diving deep into the trajectory of uncertainty

We have opened the school of logic

And carelessly adopted its contents

In utter disregard to our all purpose school of faith

We have pasted ourselves on the path of the arrow

Instead of being the arrow on the path of life

We have subjected ourselves to the ways of wickedness

And rejected the fruits of the spirit

Not accepting our spot on the pedestal of life

We chose to hold material success above any other spiritual achievements

We have betrayed our inner spirit and wallowed in a pool egocentrism

We have broken all our inner covenants

Just to race against each other on the path of life

We have undressed our wickedness

Instead of pouring ourselves into the pot of Love

We are brandishing a new sets of values

Based on the capitalistic and individualistic models

Against our inner call to compassion and love

We have walked away from our mission

And scattered our arsenal of spiritual pearls

Instead opting for the seed of money

We have each opened a vault

To store the story of our material success



Kenneth Maswabi






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