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This poem is a dance on the halls of poetry…just something to pass time with

Poem: Behind my back


In the moment of wickedness

Do not look at the silhouette of my words

And find pleasure in their grammatical errors

Do not fold yourself on the couch of knowledge

And howl at the silence of the night

It is the moon that will spell your misfortune

And all your treasures will be lost

It is behind my back

Where echoes exist

Not as ghosts from a faraway place

But as whispers of the Silence

Do not be troubled

It is not a spell of destruction

It is the beauty of words that drives me crazy

Behind my back

All the wind is possessed by my madness

Do not hesitate to move out of the way

And let the breeze of the eternal light

Occupy that space

Behind my back

There are no shadows of misfortunes

Only the elaborate image of Love

Do not be fooled by my absence

And make a dream out of your loneliness

I am the full image of beauty that you desire

Behind my back

Find the truth that follows me

And let Love be your opinion

Behind my back

There are so many words that can be uttered

But the most beautiful of them is Love

Let the space that occupies my absence

Be your companion


© Kenneth Maswabi


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