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This poem is the the ultimate guide into choice making.

Poem: Between Man and God


If I was given a choice

To choose between Man and God

I will happily leave that choice behind

And follow my heart to the altar of Love

Here I will find my beloved waiting

It is not the choice between Man and God

That inhabits my being

It is the ocean of unconditional Love

That clothes me with knowing

I have no choice but to submerge myself in Love

And be with both Man and God

Love is the covenant that binds Man and God

Regardless of the temptation

To choose God alone

You should always choose Love

This is the illuminated path of Light

And on this path

God is Love

And Man is the path that leads to God

Be humble in your choice making

And you will be guided by the Light of God

To choose wisely

Always know that a choice is like a temptation

Don’t be in a hurry to make a choice

Wait for the voice of God

And your choice will be divine

As we struggle with choices in our daily lives

Let’s remember that the wisdom of God is full of clarity

The truth will always set us free


©Kenneth Maswabi



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