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This poem is a warning to those who are stubborn.

Poem: Beyond Redemption



Don’t sit far away from the hand of redemption

Regardless of your ego or conviction

Stay near the door of renewal and hope

Be ready to embrace change

And to enter the realm of awareness

Always peel away the stubbornness in your nature

Be like water, don’t choose your bowl

Flow into every vessel with ease

Nest in every branch of life

Fill yourself with the light weight of awareness

Create your own channel of intimacy with existence

Bury yourself into the fibre of light

Be like a droplet of water

Always be ready to break through the shell of minuteness

And be ready to be the river that gushes into the ocean of being

Let your wholeness be defined by your inner calmness

Let your aloneness be the vesicle of joy

And your presence be a ray of hope

It is only those who sit beyond redemption

Stirring the pot of wickedness and evil

That will not see the Light of God

It is within our human nature

To be either an entity of goodness, heaven bound

Or to be a lost soul

Burrowing through the dark abyss of the unknown


©Kenneth Maswabi




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