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This poem paves the way into the heart of consciousness

Poem: Beyond the Mind


The era of Science is coming to an end

Life has to be governed by the Light of Consciousness

This is the sacred path of knowledge, understanding and wisdom

That stretches into eternity and the everlasting life

Mankind has been blinded by the magic of logic and reason

Our everyday life has been restricted by the contents of our mind (IQs)

We need to undress ourselves of the garment of logic and reason

And let the wholeness of our being be conscious again

It is our body, mind and soul that need to be brought together

This is the distillation of the spirit and the illumination of consciousness

The unbuttoning of the sacred path of Light

The ushering of the Light of God

Mankind needs to drink from the sacred river of life

We need to discard our path of despair, loneliness, fear and hopelessness

Divest ourselves from selfishness, hatred and wickedness

We have to enter the path of certainty, hope and the everlasting life

It is only through our willingness to detach our hearts from the pot of materialism

And be undressed of our ego that we will enter the realm of awareness

Beyond the mind, there are unimaginable fruits of the spirit awaiting us

The Truth is unfolded on the canvas of life

Peace, happiness, freedom, hope and Love are all part of the Truth

Beyond the mind, our true destiny is a beautiful existence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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