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This poem is a library of the heart

Poem: Books of Passion


I have read so many books

Some were made of uncanny characters

Others stood out on the shelves of life

While the rest were forced through my throat

I remember the book of calculus

It was a gigantic book of unprecedented numbers

Every equation was a terrible headache

Every answer was a celebration of perseverance

I remember romance novels

The lush hills and the seductive lover

The Pandora’s box and the lipsticks

I remember the espionage spy books

Jason Bourne and full on conspiracies

It was the time of my youth

And all I wanted to be was a spy

To look through shadows

And sift through secrets

I wanted to be like James Bond

And introduce myself as “James, James Bond”

That’s a long time ago

A time of careless desires

I remember the smell of chemicals

Inside my chemistry books

This was a chain reaction

That spilled into my life

Now, I am a chemist of the spirit

My book is the fabric of existence

My chemistry is Silence

My books of passion are made up of poetry lines

Every line is like an addictive substance

Every word reveals deep secrets from my heart

These books of passion are sometimes a few lines

Or a whole page – very potent

Sometimes I am intoxicated by just one line

This is the joy of poetry

Poetry is not a book

It is the whole universe

Distilled and poured into one taste bud

It is the substance of ecstasy

Poetry is not only the source of madness

It is a source of hope, peace and happiness


© Kenneth Maswabi


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