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This poem opens up the contents of consciousness.

Poem: Brain Matter


The mind is a playing field

For all sorts of thoughts

Thoughts that are inherently good

And thoughts that are full of wickedness

Some totally disgusting

Other thoughts are reckless

Occupying the lower levels of consciousness

Aggressive and full of pride

These thoughts are the drivers of the egocentric self

Not bothered by the spirit of humanity

These thoughts are ever ready to exploit or corrupt the mind

Not tied to morality or ethical principles

These thoughts are the substance of materialism

Driven by the need to win and outcompete others

These thoughts are like eagles

With long talons and sharp beaks

They are ready to scoop the prize

Regardless of any human causalities

They regard kindness as weakness

Humility as useless

And compassion as anathema

These thoughts are fully clothed in logic

They are the substance of survival of the fittest

But there are those gentle thoughts

Occupying the higher branches of consciousness

Not too loud and not too intrusive

These thoughts are the stuff of the spirit

Fully dressed in the spirit of humanity

These thoughts are the true angels

Inhabiting our being

They are the guardians and companions

Accompanying us into eternity

Counselling and healing us

Giving us hope

They don’t come often

But their voice is full of faith, hope and love

They are the substance of the Truth

Then there is silence

This is a sacred substance

Full of wisdom

Silence inhabits the highest branches of consciousness

It’s the realm of God

Silence is the ultimate reality

Full of nothingness

And not disguised

Silence is the substance of God


©Kenneth Maswabi



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