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This poem opens the swollen wound of sorrow.

Poem: Broken Heartedness


Today I want to step into your sorrow

Walk over your tears

Find your soul

Hold your heart

Embrace your spirit

I want to feel all of your pain

To be submerged in your loss

I want to know your fears

And open the curtain of your hope

Today I want to be your handkerchief

So that I can feel your tears

And hold your sorrow

I want to be with your pain

And heal your wound

I want to undress your grief

And be the medicine to your sadness

Let me come into your broken heartedness

And be the plumber or the gardener

To wash the face of your life

And repair the vessel of your heart beat

Let me be the pedestal of hope

And hold you higher than my dreams

Let me be the source of unconditional love

And hold you closer than my heart

I want to be the blanket that comforts you

The air that dries your tears

I want to bring warmth to your heart

And ignite the fire of the spirit

Let me be your prayer

Or the Silence within

Let me bind all your fears

And polish all your hopes

Today I want to hold your broken heartedness

Inside my being

So that you can be free

To sing again


©Kenneth Maswabi




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