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This poem unveils the bridge to higher consciousness.

Poem: Building the bridge


Since ancient times

Words have been used to tie knots

Not only among friends

But also between foes

Words are the lubricant

That allows humanity to thrive

In the boardrooms of today’s life

Words are packaged and marketed

Either to persuade innocent minds

Or to pursue selfish interests

Words are bricks

Used by wise men and women

To unveil the deepest and most hidden realms of their being

It’s only the foolish men or women

Who uses words to disparage others

It’s true that the Silence within is the oldest form of communication

It’s also true that words were first assembled out of Silence

Now, let’s remember that true communication can only start from within

To face yourself and undress your fears, hopes and foolishness speaks volumes about your inner self

This is the classroom of wisdom

Where delusions and illusions are punctured and dissected

To unveil a distorted form of reality that we call modernity

It’s a reality submerged in egocentric madness (materialism)

A reality that is full of uncertainty, hopelessness and selfishness

The modern human being is obsessed with the physicality of being (rich or poor)

The spirit within is neglected and abused

Not out of knowledge, understanding and wisdom

But out of grooming (Education systems)

We are educated to find and define things

We are not educated to find our true selves

Our passions are often relegated to the periphery of our everyday schedules

Silence is dismissed and trampled upon

We have forgotten the value of the Silence within

We have lost the path to our true selves

This poem is not trying to malign and maliciously destroy the new world order

This poem is building the bridge to connect the new world order to the pedestal of hope, love and peace


©Kenneth Maswabi


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