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This poem looks at the harsh realties of 2020 and hopes for a new beginning in 2021.

Poem: Bye bye 2020


I am waving goodbye to you

I don’t know if I should shed tears for you

Or ululate in joy

You have been a rebellious year

Not putting on any uniform

You taunted all ordinary life regulations

Bringing in your own restrictions

You shut down our busy streets

Cancelled all busy schedules

Clearing our timelines

You made sure we are at home

To witness your epic stunt

We watched daily

As you rampaged the streets of life

Bringing tears to the heart of humanity

You were merciless

Puncturing the sense of security

You made our hearts bleed

We watched in horror

As you trampled on human lives

You spared no country

Your hammer was held high

It shattered the bulletproof lives

That some have built for themselves

You brought us to our knees

Teaching us the way of faith, hope and love

You were as brutal as a storm

As quick as a serpent

As ferocious as a hungry beast

You ate non-stop

Human flesh was your favourite dish

You entered many homes

And injected your venom on many veins

You spared no one

Young and old

You brutalized both rich and poor

Your ways are not our ways

Your method does not follow any manmade rules

There is no logic in your merciless killing

There is nowhere to seek justice

You were the prosecutor and the hangman

You found no joy in wasting time

You fed on our parents, children, brothers and sisters

Unleashing your power

You made us to listen to our terrified hearts

You made us vow to one another

To always cherish the time we spend together

To never take life for granted

You made us to drink from the bowl of existence

We prayed non-stop for your mercy

We chewed on the cord of hope

But you did not stop

We are terrified

We are lost

We are bleeding

We are pleading with you

Take away your anger

Don’t pass it on to the New Year

We want peace, we pray for a new day

A New Year

©Kenneth Maswabi





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