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This poem denounces the mental degradation of the majority of people under capitalism leading to poverty and other social ills.

Poem: Capitalism and mental slavery

It’s true

Life is full of days and nights

Sunshine and darkness

Good and evil

Righteousness and wickedness

Now let’s dissect the bloated face of capitalism

Let’s open the thick skull hiding the horrendous contents

Let’s cut through the cord of fashion and cosmopolitan identities

Let’s dwell on the bread and butter issues

It stinks to be at the bottom of the food chain

And live from hand to mouth

Foraging for bread crumbs

It’s totally disgusting for humanity to be so backward

When it comes to feeding the poor and addressing the vulnerable

Alleviating suffering

With pockets full of wealth

Capitalism has produced millionaires and billionaires

At the same time poisoning the mental capabilities of the masses

It’s very sad to open the book of statistics

And count the number of people living under the poverty datum line

It’s true

Individualism has brought prosperity to a few

And multiculturalism has sharpened the axe of exploitation

Big cities are attractive

With gigantic megastructures and neon lights

But it’s common to find red-light districts

And a bunch of homeless people

On the back alleys of these beautiful megacities

Capitalism has ruined the fabric of humanity’s moral compass

Polluting the ocean of our collective conscience

Excavating the gap between the rich and poor

Constructing an unequal society

From one country to another

Inequality is everywhere

The poor are everywhere

Begging to be freed

From these mental slavery


© Kenneth Maswabi




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