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This poem celebrates the caregiver.

Poem: Caring for the sick


This is not a normal vocation

It goes beyond the self

And reaches out into the realm of oneness

Opening an avenue of compassion

Paving a path for healing

Caring for the sick

Consumes the mind, body and soul

Annihilating the ego

One has to be the fire

To bring warmth

And exude light

That holds hope

One has to undress himself (herself)

Of selfishness and recklessness

And be emptied of weakness and fear

So that they can be clothed with courage

To care for the sick

Caring for the sick

Opens doors of spirituality

That exposes both light and darkness

It’s upon the caregiver

To be strong

And not desert his post

Or fall victim to exhaustion and negligence

It’s an enterprise that possess the whole being

Holding the syringe and the prayer in one hand

One has to be the healer of mind, body and spirit

It’s utter hopelessness

To try and practice medicine

If you have no heart

It’s a gift

To bring healing to the house of humanity

It’s also a gift

To know the limitations of life

And seek help from the spirit

To all the caregivers

Hold onto yourselves (body, mind & soul)

Pray hard for yourselves

You are truly beautiful


©Kenneth Maswabi





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