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This poem reveals the illusion of the mind.

Poem: Chasing the Stars


It is the new trend

Not to be outshined

By the glittering stars

Everyone wants the pieces of gold dust

To spray on their shallow contours of being

And elevate themselves to the height of stars

It is the revolution of the logical thought

That pushes us to the brink of despair

At the height of it all

We are the shimmering star dust

On the downside

We are all pretenders in the classroom of success

It is sad to disclose the contents of our hearts

Not even to our friends and neighbours

We are all dying inside

The rich and poor

Are caught in a spiral of disillusion

Anxiety, depression and hopelessness

Fear, selfishness and hatred are all part of the delusion

The human mind is a fantastic illusion

With all its exorbitant standard of living

And falsified doctrine of emancipation

We are all chasing the stars

That we are not even certain of their existence

It is only in our minds

Where we can make a formula for happiness

And be satisfied with the contents of our make-believe world

Let us unchain ourselves from the world of logical thought

And be free to roam the realm of peace, hope and happiness

©Kenneth Maswabi


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