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This poem speaks for the right of children to play

Poem: Children of the moonlight


It is the moonlight that is awakened

Every time these children go out to play

It is not because of the dark night

It is the moonlight inside their cheerful hearts

That breaks free and decorate their laughter

They are the enchantment of the night

Fully embellished with secrets

They have a role to play

Outside the government of the day

They have to break free

And fill the world with freedom

They have to sneak out

To pour their moonlight into the sky

So that the moon can shine again

It is not magical spells

It is the sacred pearls

That are scattered into the air

Like raindrops, these are pellets of life

Ever so ready to enter the dome of life

And be planted inside the stem of existence

Get your act together

Do not curse each other

Freedom is not cheap


©Kenneth Maswabi





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