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This poem is as clear as it can get

Poem: Clarity of being


Those intoxicated with logic

Will submerge their heads in knowledge

And think they know it all

Those enveloped by the spirit

Will submerge themselves in nothingness

And be the canvas of everything

This is the epistle of God’s Grace

The one who drinks from the cup of ego will perish

The one who humbles himself before God

Inherits the glory of heaven

Let mankind be free of his blindness (logic)

And may the clarity of being be his guiding light

The body, mind and soul has to be consecrated

It is in the bowl of Silence that we find our true selves

We are the field of emptiness

That God’s Light has created

Unless we seek to understand our purpose

We will always be intoxicated with ourselves

We will be fooled by the illusion of time

And be led astray by the magic of space

Space-time (logic) has nothing to do with what we are

We are called to let our true being manifest

In the clarity of our being

We will find God

God is Love, God is the Truth

And the Truth will set us free


©Kenneth Maswabi



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