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This poem unveils a secret inside the illuminated light.

Poem: Confessions

I have a small secret
Hidden under this poem
Don’t look under the message
Just find the hidden code
It’s not a Da Vinci kind of code
It’s a thin layer of simplicity
That pervades each and every sentence
I am not gifted with languages
Whatever language you may teach me
I am going to struggle
My language is Silence
Here I am a master
I can speak the whole day
Not even a word will I say
But the message will be clear
I have no more words
To add to the substrate of life
I have only Silence
To pour onto the fabric of being
It’s not the Wikipedia kind of knowledge
That bathes my mental faculties
It’s the language of the unknown
That helps me to go beyond imagination
Into the realm of nothingness
It’s not the magical words
Fully loaded with charms
Or complexities
It’s the simplicity of every word
That will get rid of your fear
And fill you with hope
Sometimes it’s the absence of logicality
That submerges us into emptiness
Allowing our body, mind and soul to heal
Don’t hold on each and every syllable
And try to imitate the professors or academicians
Poetry is a substance
That oozes from our inner being
We can only drink
From the richness of its nectar
We cannot alter its fabric
It’s a gift
That goes beyond our everyday mindsets
It’s a gigantic sky
That is folded inside our being
Poetry found me
When language was my embarrassment
And taught me to be still
So that I can drink
From the river of life
It’s not what you know
That’s important
It’s what’s within
That will give you happiness, peace and Love
Find yourself
Embrace your emptiness
Submerge yourself in the unknown
Be the fabric of poetry
Be the sky of eternity
And let your rain pour down
Into the substrate of life
Kenneth Maswabi

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