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This poem is a path to finding our true selves

Poem: Consciousness is our only way out


The 21st century brought tremendous progress to the global village project

Economic progress is now a worldwide endeavour

Science and technology are opening new gates of knowledge

The space adventure has been commercialised

Governments are becoming more and more of corporate entities

The people are awakening to a new world of materialism

Our sense of curiosity is inflated and easy to corrupt

There is a gigantic cloud of excitement in the air

But the human psyche is bedridden and terribly sick

More and more mental health issues are erupting across the world

The stressors of life have been multiplied

The socioeconomic burden put on individuals is too heavy

The fibre of being is relegated to the peripheries of our day to day struggle for survival

The classroom of knowledge is full of bogus ideologies and unpolished concepts

The truth is being subjected to advanced modifications and manipulation

Lies are peddled in high level political circles

Exploitation is rampant and sophisticated

Inequality is an accepted standard of living

Our moral compass is spinning out of control

It’s a dog eat dog world out there

Profit is the new religion

Humanity is on the brink of a catastrophic disaster

Human trafficking is now digitalised and monetised

Epidemics are a source of great wealth for big pharmaceutical companies

Politics is failing to address the needs of the people

Where did we all go wrong?

The answer lies deep in our consciousness

Common sense dictates that we love and care for each other

But the reality on the ground wants us to compete with each other

Consciousness is our only way out

Let’s pause and dive deep into the light

We need to rediscover our purpose in life

We need to change our mindsets

We need to bring together our body, mind and soul

Under one open tent of dialogue

Our collective consciousness needs to be thoroughly cleansed of all the negative energies

It is the illumination of consciousness and the awakening of the human spirit

©Kenneth Maswabi


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