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This poem builds a bridge between logic and chaos.

Poem: Consciousness, Spirituality and Chaos

Consciousness is not governed by stillness (spirituality)

It’s driven by free will

Sometimes into the chaotic shores of life

It’s here where logic is hyperextended

And the chaotic state is born

Chaos is not an extension of the illogical

It’s a scene from the furthest ends of imagination

Totally separated from madness or spirituality

Chaos is closer to logic than insanity

Like a burning fire

Chaos can be traced from one end to the other

It’s governed by time and space

Anger is a form of chaos

Chaos is calculated using mathematical formula

It’s a brand of logic that exhibits recklessness

Lies are a form of chaos

Chaos is not guided by the subconscious mind or any spiritual forces

It’s a disordered form of a logical action

Totally unhinged yet very calculative

Chaos has no validity in the realm of the spirit

But it’s totally accepted in the classroom of logic

Chaos does not produce any tangible spiritual outcomes

But it always leads to a logical conclusion

Now in the house of humanity

Chaos is a tool for the desperate

And sometimes for the misguided or wicked

Chaos is not a spiritual path

It cannot lead you to higher consciousness

It can only inflame the mind

And lead to destruction

Chaos will never lead you to nothingness

Chaos will never lead you to Love

Love is kind, patient

Love does not insist on its own way

Love never ends

Love is God

God is Love



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