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This poem is a journey into the heart of the spirit.

Poem: Countless encounters


I have encountered myself many times

Somewhere in the cloudy atmosphere of my mind

I found myself going through countless thoughts

Sifting through the matrix of madness (education)

Searching for the meaning of life

All fingers pointed to the solid shining surface of life

With my ego inflated by the growing bubble of knowledge

I was ready to enter the house of materialism

I was ready to settle down on the fabric of selfishness

Then I saw the vein of my existence

Shrieking and shrivelled

It was full of sadness


I encountered myself again in the realm of dreams

Fully dressed with the substance of the unknown

It was the magical existence which excited me

It was the many facets of reality

That were continuously being remodelled

Joy and sorrow literally being served with one spoon

Laughter and fear occupying the same face

It was in the classroom of dreams

Where I learnt to look beyond the physical

To hold the thread of life in my hands

And follow it into my inner being

I learnt to unbutton my thoughts

And sip through the straw of silence

I learnt to exist in the plane of nothingness


I encountered myself again in the burrow of my heart

The substance of Silence fully occupying the cup of my being

My body, mind and soul totally liberated

I saw the thread of my existence

It was full of vigour

It was brimming with happiness

It was fully loaded with the waters of the spirit

It was full of life


In my many encounters with myself

I found my true self totally naked

Inside the emptiness of my being

Not holding onto any identities or achievements

Not having any expectations or attachments

I found the true source of happiness

I found the womb of existence

I found unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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