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This poem looks at the events of the pandemic and exposes the courage of ordinary people.

Poem: Courage

So much has happened
In just a short time
We lost our facial expressions
Sadness covered our protruded eyes
Fear shrouded our petrified faces
Masks swallowed our pride
We were left barefooted
Under the duress of the times
Our makeup gone
Our hairs undone
Under lock down
But we learnt a lot more about life
We learnt the principles of courage
As our health care workers battled the enemy
And our frontline workers delivered their mandate
Amidst the thick fog of uncertainty
We observed the protocol of selflessness
People from across racial and religious lines
Cared for each other
And buried loved ones
We refused to wear the face of fear
We proudly distanced ourselves
From the menacing monster
With hope in our eyes
Faith in our hearts
We came closer to each other
Through the strong bonds of humanity
We undressed ourselves
Of all the divisions
And addressed each other
With respect and dignity
We found the courage
To kneel together
And pray as one
©Kenneth Maswabi

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