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This poem wants to keep the flame of awareness about police brutality alive.

Poem: Dear George Floyd


Wherever you are

You left a clear message

Written on the hard surface of your breath

“I can’t breathe”

Broke the hardened shell of silence

That encapsulated the pungent smell of police brutality

Spilling its horrible contents on the open streets of Minneapolis

For eight minutes and forty six seconds

You protested alone

Through your pain

The world saw the true face of racism

Through your suffering

You brought common sense to the house of humanity

From the paved streets of America

To the whole world

You shouted for help

“I can’t breathe”

Ringed in every household

Awakening our slumbering hearts

Arousing a sense of disgust

We opened our hearts

And heard your call

“Black lives matter” became our flag

Rest in eternal peace



Kenneth Maswabi






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