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This poem is a call for hope.

Poem: Death cannot swallow us all


It is not the stench of death

It is every inch of its breath

That envelopes us

Nowadays, death is everywhere

The latest news are smeared with death

Our social media groups are smouldering with death

Our family and friends’ list is dwindling

We are in the midst of a death storm

And we have to hold tight to our sanity

As the tentacles of insanity are fast approaching

We have to find the source of hope

And stand outside the cubicle of fear

It is our mind that is on the brink of collapse

The putrid smell of death is coming from all angles

Covid-19 disease has found its target

The Delta variant is wreaking havoc

We are all sitting ducks

With nowhere to go

But we have to stand up

And climb on the pedestal of hope

We have to find our strength

And soldier on

Let us wear our face masks

Practice social distancing

And take precautions

We have to re-build our wall of defences

We have to survive this storm

Death cannot swallow us all

We are too bitter for its egregious appetite

Soon, it will give up

And let us be


©Kenneth Maswabi



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