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This poem calls for unity as we face the worst pandemic in our lifetime.

Poem: Death Pyramids

This is not a pyramid scheme
Death has planted its seed in our midst
It is invading our family trees
Ransacking our profiles
Searching for victims to devour
Disemboweling our innermost emotions
Death is building a pyramid of sorrow
With our flesh and blood
It’s the darkest monument
In the history of humankind
The darkest moment stands erect
Under the shadow of the death pyramids
This is the hour of despair
But we shall disregard the orders
To bow down inside the temple of death
We shall bury our dead and mourn in silence
We shall resist the temptation
To surrender and lie down
Inside the casket of sorrow
We shall make a break through
And deconstruct the death curve
We will destroy every vesicle
That nurtures the seed of death
This won’t be easy
It is a task for each and every one of us
It starts now…let’s vaccinate the world
And permanently destroy the pyramids of death
That keeps growing with every wave
The third wave of Covid-19 disease can be our last episode of the death pyramids
Only if we stand together
©Kenneth Maswabi

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