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This poem looks at the divisions that mankind has constructed on the canvas of our consciousness.

Poem: Demarcations


It’s believed that life’s major demarcations come in twos

Life and death are separated by an invisible layer of mystery

Black and white races are divided by a minute amount of melanin

Night and day are separated by a thin mist of time

Male and female are distinguished by a single strand of DNA

Love and hate are separated by a microscopic strand of spiritual fibre

Belief and disbelief are distinguished by a thin senseless line of reasoning


Now let’s look closely at the fountain of life

Consciousness and unconsciousness are not separate entities

Inside the same bowl of life

Unconsciousness can be exhumed

Where consciousness stood

The curtain of unconsciousness gives way to the window of consciousness

That which was occupied by night is occupied by day

There is no real demarcation between day and night

Just a veil of darkness covering the firmament

There is no real separation between joy and sorrow

Just a swinging pendulum treading the path of life

There is no strand of fibre between man and woman

The same vessel of life has many attributes

The veil of segregation is nothing but an illustration of character

It’s now or never that mankind should uproot any divisions

And follow the path of consciousness

Together we stand and divided we fall


©Kenneth Maswabi







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