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This poem gives you a choice.

Poem: Diamonds or dust


It’s well known

That diamonds and dust

Are born from the same womb

It’s the flicker inside the diamond

That illuminates its value

It’s the light inside the diamond

That separates it from dust

Now let’s us unfold the fabric of existence

And look into the structure of our lives

It’s not logic that brings us together

It’s the Love within that moulds us

It’s the Light within that makes us human

It’s not the superiority of the mind

That paved our path

It’s the Love in us

That built our path

You may fill yourself with logic

And denounce the existence of God

But God exist anyways

You may look at the colour of the skin

And fill yourself with racial hatred

But Love exist anyways

It’s through Love

That we find ourselves full of joy

It’s the fabric of Love

That holds our peace

Our sparkle and glitter

Can only come from Love

Diamond or dust

We have a choice to make

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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