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This poem is a bowl of common sense

Poem: Disaster Strike


It is not a thunderbolt

But a man-made bullet

That is killing millions

The human mind is a complex place

With its entangled neurons and synapses

And billions of information pathways to process and analyse

There is a perfect storm brewing in the minds of millions of people

This is a hurricane of the mind called “Anti-vaccination” phenomenon

I don’t know the basis of this dangerous philosophy

But one thing I know is that it will kill millions of people

Disrupting families, leaving behind widows and orphans

It is a disaster of immense proportion

But we do not have an immediate solution or antidote

Except to kindly ask them to put aside their argument for now

And stretch their minds a little bit

Covid-19 pandemic has killed millions of people

Let’s not add unnecessary deaths to this blackboard of statistics

We cannot judge you for abandoning your belief system temporarily

We can only pat you on the back for being brave enough

To hold common sense in your hands

Let us find the depth of our humanity

And forget our differences for a while

Let us vaccinate ourselves against Covid-19 disease


©Kenneth Maswabi



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