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This poem is a soothing balm of the spirit

Poem: Dishevelled


Amidst the Covid-19 shambles

Don’t let your spirit go unchecked

There is too much sorrow flowing around

And only a little time to grieve

Our hearts are dishevelled

Our spirit is in turmoil

Our loved ones are gone

With not even a good bye

We will forever miss them

Let’s find time to open our hearts

And find the tentacles of pain and sorrow

Let’s uproot them before they become solid thorns

Inhabiting our inner being

Let’s stretch our hands to our neighbours, friends and colleagues

Wrap them with warmth and comfort

Wipe away their tears with soft napkins of love

It is only the heart of humanity

That can bring healing to those who are grieving

And have lost their beloveds

We cannot afford to let our busy schedules and overthinking minds

To narrate our stories

We need to come together under the tabernacle of hope and love

And address our fears, uncertainties and wishes

We need to sanitize our body, mind and soul

Against dark spiritual forces

That might inhabit our souls

During our most vulnerable time

Let us pray


©Kenneth Maswabi




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