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This poem is a classroom of divine knowledge.

Poem: Divine Knowledge


Mankind must stop and learn

The knowledge written on leaves

Does not die with the passing season

Every atom of knowledge is divine

This knowledge is passed on with every falling leaf

Science produces lots of junk knowledge

Plastic is littering our streets

This knowledge is not biodegradable

It keeps on piling on our hands

Today we are talking about climate change

It is not the climate we should be worried about

It is the path that we have taken as humanity

That bothers me

We chose profit over divinity

Luxury over selflessness

We did not want to divide our gifts

According to the laws of our divine nature

You reap what you sow

We failed to learn from the orchard of nature

Where an apple is fully packed with nutrients

An orange is brightly coloured to attract our attention

The sun is the master scientist

From thermodynamics to quantum physics

The world of flora and fauna eat from the industry of the sun

Here, there are no industrial waste – only food chains

We have to go back to the book of divine knowledge

And learn why the process of photosynthesis does not produce smoke

This is true knowledge, when you peel one layer

It produces many more layers of divinity

Again, I will repeat myself

Spirituality and consciousness are the pillars of true knowledge

It is the fruits of the spirit that will give us peace

Compassion, gentleness, kindness and Love

Will bring us back to the school of divine knowledge


©Kenneth Maswabi


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