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This poem dives in the world of dreams and spirituality.

Poem: Dreams and spiritual pathfinders


It’s been a while

Since I stood on top of the world

Not to boast and peel off my clothes

But to peer into the viscera of life

It’s possible to stand high up in the sky

And pour your soul into the bowl of existence

It’s through the most intense dreams

That I become the filament in the sky

And everything is clearly defined

It’s this bird’s eye view of life

That shapes my perspective

And paves my spiritual path

Dreams are not the creation of a sleeping brain

Dreams are portals to the inner realms of consciousness

Dreams are forever encapsulating the journey of the spirit

In the stillness of the body and mind

The spirit escapes its physical abode

To wander into the heavens

Through this out of body experiences

The spirit pours its ancient knowledge

Into the vessel of life

It’s only for those who seek after the truth

Possessing the ability to unlock the realm of dreams

And drink from the sacred waters of the spirit

It’s only those who have woken up inside a dream

Embellished with the most sacred knowledge

Those who have stood on top of the world

Peering into the vastness of the eternal awareness

They are the spiritual warriors who have opened the sacred veil of knowledge

And lifted the curtain of knowing

The seekers, dreamers, lovers and mystics

All those who knowingly entered the chamber of mystery

Not out of curiosity or selfishness

But out of hope, faith and Love

Those who walked the path of light

And discovered the gift of dreaming

They are the true spiritual pathfinders


©Kenneth Maswabi








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