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This poem looks at the world of dreams.

Poem: Dreams


I am enchanted by the hands of dreams

Forever tickling the spiritual faculties of my mind

Tossing me from one riddle to another

Riding on gigantic waves of consciousness

Surrounded by the emptiness of my mind and body

Driven by an unknown power from within

Knowing and understanding are not signs on the streets

But are perfectly stitched in my consciousness

Light emerges not from outside my body

I am the source of light

That breaks down into pieces of mysterious states of awareness

That exists away from the prism of science

I am forever in awe of this amazing reality

That is suspended under the canopy of our sleep

This land of dreams is ever flowing

From one end of the earth to other dimensions

Dreams are full of insights

Not to highlight any particular plane of your life

But to shine the light on the fabric of your true self

It’s during this amazing experiences

That life is unveiled

And the curtain of existence is folded

To reveal a realm of nothingness

Teeming with exotic life substances

Sacred and beautiful

Fully in line with the current existence

But yet far away from the current turmoil of time and space

The land of dreams occupies an unknown reality

Where the laws of physics are manipulated and fine tuned

To reveal another facet of reality

That obeys no laws

A dimension that is entirely invincible to the naked eye

Exists right under our noses

It’s the magic of sleep

That opens the door to this far away experience

Encapsulating us in magical spells

The land of dreams speaks a language outside our own understanding

Sprinkled with miraculous “out of body experiences”

And surgically removed from the body of our own existence

It’s a window into the dimensionless realm

Giving us a glimpse of the nonphysical plane of existence

That exist inside our solidified field of existence

The spiritual realm

Requires no solid boundaries

To flourish and exhibit the fine contours of life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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