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This poem is a guide to the hold when dying alone.

Poem: Dying Alone


From the classroom of Covid-19 pandemic

We have been forced to recalibrate our minds

To re-think the purpose of our lives

To re-visit the tabernacle of our spirit

To submerge ourselves in faith, hope and Love

But the most brutal lesson of them all

Is to learn to die alone

Many people have and are still dying alone

They are forced to battle the last chapter of their lives alone

To face their fears and hopelessness

To be warriors in the battle of life and death

And to look death in the eye

As it punctures their lungs

And deflates their sacred spirit

In those final moments

The most important lesson of life is understood

Life and death are just time points in an everlasting quest for the truth

To be victorious, one has to detach themselves from life

To face the hour of death dressed in pure courage and hope

In that terrible moment

Faith, hope and Love are the only true pillars of life

One has to be free

From all identities, achievements, expectations and attachments

One has to be submerged in the substance of being

Embracing themselves and embracing God

No judgement, no fear, no hopelessness, no uncertainty

This is true spirituality, true consciousness and unconditional Love

And this will be a true spiritual conquest of both life and death


©Kenneth Maswabi


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