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This poem reveals a secret…emptiness.

Poem: Emptiness is a vessel of nothingness


In the middle of nowhere

Out of nowhere

Standing erect

As far as the naked eye can see

The vastness of the substance of emptiness

Envelopes the crevices of life

Not out of rage

It’s made up of perfection

Not the kind of perfection that we dream about

But the art of perfection perfected

From the sand dunes of the Sahara

To the utmost corners of the universe

Emptiness is a curtain

Sprawling over gigantic swathes of land

Holding nothing but Silence

You cannot see it with your own eyes

But the hands of emptiness are all around you

Not to trespass on your self-made body of wealth

But to permeate your body, mind and soul

Through the open channels of the spirit

Into the deepest parts of your being

Emptiness is a cloudless sky

That hovers over our lives

Waiting for the moment

When we can undress ourselves

Of all the ego and expectations

And be free

To walk alone

Into the ocean of nothingness

Possessed by nothing but Love

Emptiness is a vessel

That holds our true identity


©Kenneth Maswabi


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