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This poem lays out the path of Silence into the path of Light.

Poem: Enlightenment


In this classroom of life

The teacher is the Silence within

The lesson is Nothingness

The classroom is Emptiness

This is the school of Enlightenment

The objective of the lesson is to be empty

To unload all your fears, worries and troubles

To put aside all your joy and sorrow

To hold only to the fabric of being

And dissolve into the vastness of eternity

Don’t impair yourself with thoughts

Or any superficial emotions

Just submerge yourself into the wilderness of nothingness

Until every fiber of your being has been melted into particles of freedom

Don’t celebrate yet

Freedom is part of the enlightenment process

Just stay submerged for a little while

Peace will emerge from the depth of your being

You have now entered the path of Light

It is here where you will be unrobed of your ego

Only your naked spirit is allowed further

Into the realm of Light

The dimensionless realm is the place of enlightenment

It is a vast ocean of Light that is beyond comprehension

You are now submerged in the perfect existence

Your existence is a particle of Light

Your life is a molecule of Nothingness

It is the clarity of consciousness (wisdom) that exists here

Awareness is the only knowledge

Unconditional Love is the everlasting life

This is the abode of God

Soon you will wake up from your dream

It is not madness

It is the way of Silence

A beautiful existence


© Kenneth Maswabi








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