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This poem is full of ecstasy.

Poem: Erotic shower


Hold this light

Let me be the flames

To ignite your passion

Undress your desires

Address your dreams

Let me hide behind your smile

And be the reason for your laughter

Let me access your pineal gland

And release your warmth

Let me stir the pool of mystery

And taste your nectar

It’s not often

That I get to lick my fingers

It’s not common

For me to be wild

Let me be your wilderness

Your erotic safari

Let me be your rain

Your erotic shower

Let me untie your body

And let you roam free

Let me unleash the love in you

Across the wilderness of my heart

Let’s be the sunset

And wallow the ecstasy of life

Let’s find our moon

And be full of moonlight

Let’s open our sky

And be the endless journey

Into the cosmic realms

Forever in Love


© Kenneth Maswabi

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