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This poem speaks of hope amidst the turmoil of the pandemic.

Poem: Everything seems to be collapsing


The storm is raging

The battlefield is drenched with blood

The arrows are hitting home

There are no words to describe this carnage

It is a horrific scene inside the bowl of existence

Humanity is buried in a raging flood

Death has overtaken the floodgates

It is the breaking news that bashes our hearts

Bringing sorrow to our innermost sanctuary

The waters of the spirit are rattled

We are struggling to keep still

It is now a battle of the spirit

But we have to hold on

We have to summon the courage

To continue the fight

We can’t give up now

We cannot surrender

We have to re-group and re-strategize

The enemy is sharpened

The war has just began

We must stand our ground

We must free ourselves from fear

And be full of courage and hope

When everything seems to be collapsing

We must hold hope higher than ever


©Kenneth Maswabi





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