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This poem unveils the source of happiness

Poem: Excitement versus Happiness


The world today is an exciting place

Filled with all sorts of exciting gadgets and places

But yet again, the world today is an unhappy place

Devoid of the deep connections of the spirit

Lacking in the spiritually available source of true happiness

I have seen children play with all sorts of exciting video game consoles

I have seen them submerged in their virtual realities

Totally absent from the face of life

This is the detrimental effects of our new found world of excitement

Yes, technology is great and has made our lives easier

We all need to incorporate it in our lives and join in its excitement

But we should not forget that we are spirit human beings

We should let our children go out and play with each other

To re-connect with the true sources of happiness

We cannot sustain our new found excitement for too long

We will keep on chasing after the next version of technology

We will keep on discarding all our past sources of excitement

Of course, we will find new games to play

And we will discover new ways to generate excitement

But it will take its toll on us

We will suffer from severe illnesses of the spirit

We will taste the extreme taste of loneliness

We will find a deep void inside our being

We will be chronically unhappy and lost

Mental health issues will rise

Cases of depression will increase

Suicide will be an everyday phenomenon

Because we are foraging far away from our true selves

We are far away from the true source of peace, hope, happiness, freedom and Love

We have to re-connect with our inner being

We have to re-discover the true face of consciousness

We have to gather our body, mind and soul in one place (spirit)

We have to taste the tranquillity of the spirit

We have to consume the unending taste of happiness

We have to travel across the vastness of the spirit inside the cubicle of Silence

And enjoy the goodness of true freedom

Excitement is not the same as happiness

Excitement is short-lived and has many unseen risks

Happiness is a true spiritual experience

It is not a fluctuating piece of fun


© Kenneth Maswabi



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