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This poem exposes the dirt that we were fed.

Poem: Exposed


The state of our being has been ridiculed

Tossed into the fire of damnation

All kinds of judgement have been laid at our feet

Depressed, suicidal, insane, stupid…etc

All kinds of lies thrown at us

Obese, short, ugly…etc

Just to depress our being

There has been no rest

The silence within thrown into turmoil

The fibre of our being shattered

Uncertainty has occupied the substance of our being

Hopelessness has found its perch on the branch of our existence

We have been fed all these garbage about ourselves

We were never told that we are the home of consciousness

The fabric of being, the pedestal of hope

The everlasting mystery

The ocean of awareness

We were not told that we will never be unemployed

Because unconditional Love is our occupation

And that we are beautiful beyond measure

We were not fed the fruits of the spirit

And all our foolishness was entertained

As we begged for mercy

We were handed to mercenaries

To puncture the veil of our existence

With their heavy handedness

We called them our husbands, wives and bosses

We were never told the secrets of existence

That silence is something beyond loneliness

Silence is nourishment to our souls

Aloneness is a source of peace

Gentleness is a condition beyond weakness

That we are the abode of the Most High

The substance of our being is priceless

We are forever standing on the pedestal of Hope


©Kenneth Maswabi


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