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This poem digs deep.

Poem: Falling in Unconditional Love


At some point

One has to truly fall in Love

The reality drama has to end

And one has to exit the stage

Falling in Love is like being born again

You just have to pass through the womb of existence

And hold onto the nothingness of being

It’s not a front page story

It’s a whole book

Falling in Love means having deep understanding

Of all there is to know about life

Faith, hope and Love

Life is not ego

Or polished identities and attachments

Many friends and a beautiful profile

There is no achievement that can bring you Love

Except you surrender

To the altar of being

And be the sacrifice

Love is joy and pain

In one scoop

You have to swallow

The bitterness and sweetness

You have to hold emptiness and abundance

You have to let go of all your expectations

And maybe then you will taste true Love

Falling in Love is like being stung by eternity

You become the protruded summit of being

Not punctured by time or circumstances

You become like the sky

Ever ready to hold the storm

And be full of rain

Or be the blue sky

Free from fear


©Kenneth Maswabi



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