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This poem reveals the antidote to wickedness.

Poem: Filthy drugs of the mind and heart


These are not drugs made of powder or liquid

Or drugs that are sniffed in dark alleys

Or drugs that are injected in damaged veins

These are drugs that are manufactured deep in the human psyche

A billion vials are closely packaged in the emotional centres of the mind

Ready for distribution into the unsuspecting corners of the world

These drugs are made of the most potent venom

Not venom from the fangs of slithering monsters

But poison from the small packets of concentrated wickedness

So potent it punctures the fabric of consciousness

Pouring out the sacred substance of life

One of these drugs is jealousy

It’s so potent that it can break the bonds of long standing relationships

Ferociously breaking down the sacred code of family and friendship

The other drug is anger

This one causes a lot of damage in the home

Gender based violence is an outcome of this poisonous sting

Another well-known drug is hatred

So potent it bashes one race against another

One religion against another

One tribe against the other

Father against son and mother against daughter

This drug has caused wars

It knows no boundaries

Its effects can end the world

Now there is only one antidote

That can eliminate the effects of these drugs

That can bring healing to the hearts of victims

That can address the scourge of these addictions

This antidote is Love

So potent it can bring peace between nations

Can build bridges between religions

Can erect permanent relationships

Can undress the spirit of humanity

Permanently putting an end to wars

Let us give our children this drug (Love) as prophylaxis

To prevent future wars

To address future conflicts

To harness our collective consciousness

And pour the substance of peace into our world

Finally, let us inject each other with Love

To bring kindness and compassion to the streets of the world

To bring laughter and tranquillity to our households

Let us Love unconditionally


©Kenneth Maswabi




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