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This poem is a step by step guide to totally enlightenment.

Poem: Following the path


In its many facets

Life is a path

Not of time and space

The physical manifestation is just a mirror

To reflect our spiritual stories

And subject us to temptation

It’s through the defeat of wickedness

When ego is disrobed

That one is illuminated

Submerged into the body of endless Light

To awaken and enthral the spirit

To feed and fulfil the soul

To dispense knowledge, understanding and wisdom

To serve God and nourish the spirit

And to bury the path of loneliness

And wipe away sorrow

It is through this understanding

That one is enlightened

Into a brighter beam of Light

And takes his/her original form

Inside the vessel of truth

The truth hurts

Actually the truth kills

Annihilating all that is untrue

Opening the gate for Love to flow

Hope to flourish

And faith to bloom

It’s here where we find everlasting peace

And compassion becomes our mandate

Kindness and humility are garments for the soul

And every smile is a beautiful beacon of hope

A fire that ignites the spirit

To transcend the illusory realm of the mind

And be born again into nothingness

The everlasting existence (eternity)

The abode of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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