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This poem is a path of Light.

Poem: Following the spirit


Unbutton your mind

You don’t need tight tendons (logic)

Around your consciousness

It’s not the neurological synapses

That channels the flow of the sacred knowledge

It’s the magical hands of consciousness

Like a choreographer

Consciousness knows the rhythm inside the fibre of being

It directs the movement of body, mind and soul accordingly

Observing the minute fluctuations in the tempo of the spirit

The physical realm is full of fluctuations (uncertainty)

It’s the total annihilations of these fluctuations

That brings stillness to the fibre of being

This is the state of nothingness

Total harmony exists between body, mind and soul

All thoughts and emotions are perfectly aligned

Or sometimes totally absent

You are now inside the field of certainty

This the path of Light

All knowledge is eternal

All knowing is empty of ego (temporality)

All understanding is infused with Faith, hope and Love

Learn to unlock your heart (Silence, solitude)

Following the spirit

Into the inner recesses of being

It’s the abode of God

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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