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This poem opens the door to the curse of humanity.

Poem: Freedom


In the Tiananmen squares of life

Justice is not selective

It cuts across gender, age, race, creed and social status

It’s nature’s way of bringing reforms to the house of humanity

It’s God’s way of demanding our utmost attention

It may look brutal but it’s effective

It brings hopelessness to the heart of man

In order for man to pray for hope

It brings utter destruction to the house of man

In order for man to reconstruct his thoughts

It brings sorrow to the heart of man

In order for man to retreat into his inner self

Covid-19 pandemic has brought the wrath of God to our doorsteps

It’s now time to gather our hopelessness in one hand

And our thoughts in the other

As we reflect on our future

And pray for a new day

Let’s undress ourselves from our old ways

And look to the future with hope and humility

Let’s bury ourselves in selflessness

And cultivate a garden of Love

Let’s demand a better life for all

And move away from selfishness

Let’s unveil a new charter

That gives every human being the right to freedom

Not only freedom from war

But freedom from diseases, crime and poverty

Let us build a better future for all


©Kenneth Maswabi


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