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This poem reveals the path that leads from loneliness to aloneness.

Poem: From loneliness to aloneness


She was a little girl at heart

Always chasing after butterflies

But everything seemed to melt away

Nothing she touched felt real

The garden of life was full of beauty

But all she felt was sorrow

She was not trying to steal the light from anyone’s face

She was only trying to be happy

But happiness seemed far away from her world

She wanted to make herself a yacht

To sail into the ocean of possibilities

Where she will build a home

But she was too scared to leave the shore

So she gathered the rays of light

Inside her trembling hands

To try and ignite the beacon of hope

But she fumbled and failed

Only to stumble and fall

Into the darkest night

All her senses were lost

And her body felt numb

She was inside her inner world

Everything was dark

Everything seemed dilapidated

From years of neglect

But a small voice called her name

With its kindness clearly defined

She listened with all her being

She listened to the voice of silence

It was the most beautiful sound

And she felt the hand of silence

It was made of happiness

She was inside the realm of possibilities

She was finally home

She was awake inside her dream

Everything was real

She was one with the aloneness


©Kenneth Maswabi





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