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This poem looks at the changing times of Covid-19 outbreak…full of hope.

Poem: From my window


The world looks dull and gloomy

COVID-19 outbreak has stolen the light

The streets are empty of the common commotion

Hustlers and rustlers bargaining for life’s bread crumbs

While board rooms are empty of the spectacle of capitalism

Deals made under the table (corruption)

Immature “tenderpreneurs” with their wicked smiles

Looting done in the name of business deals

The youth have vacated their prime spots around town

Loitering and idleness has been removed from the streets

The streets look emancipated from the harsh realities of life

It’s absolutely delusional to think that poverty has been eradicated

And everyone has finally won their lifetime ticket to Hawaii

Poverty has found a new home…under the strict directives from the government (stay home, stay safe)

Poverty is practicing social distancing and all the trending monologues of Covid-19

Inside the cramped homes, another monster is breeding

Domestic violence is multiplying its forces

Its ferocious teeth displayed in the living rooms

Its claws unsheathed

Ever ready to pounce

The girl child is not safe

Women and children are not shielded from this monster

It’s not all lost

There is light at the end of the tunnel

As new rules are unsealed

Normality has been redefined

The face mask is a permanent marker

On the face of reality

Social distancing is still expected from each and every jack and jill

Contact tracing registers have been added to our daily enterprise

Life is beginning to take shape

Fear is dissipating

Dark clouds are dispersing

There is hope after all

Under the nose of Covid-19 outbreak


©Kenneth Maswabi


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